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If you need further help with anything or if any of our team members can be any assistance to you please contant them and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Our Contact Information:

Ricky Fowler - President / CEO

ricky.fowler [@] TexasWildHogRelief.com

Loyce Fowler - Transportation Director

Loyce.fowler [@] texaswildhogrelief.com

Phyllis Powdrill - Vice President / Office Manager

phyllis.powdrill [@] texaswildhogrelief.com

Scott Baldwin - Wildlife Manager / Field Foreman

scott.baldwin [@] texaswildhogrelief.com

Misti Baldwin - Public Relations Director

misti.baldwin [@] texaswildhogrelief.com

Rance Powdrill - Wildlife Manager/Field Foreman

rance.powdrill [@] texaswildhogrelief.com

Anita Powdrill - Safety and Developement

anita.powdrill [@] texaswildhogrelief.com

Richard Munson - Consultant

richard.munson [@] texaswildhogrelief.com

Darlene Munson - Tax Specialist

darlene.munson [@] texaswildhogrelief.com

Kassey Baldwin - Receptionist

kassey.baldwin [@] texaswildhogrelief.com

Anthony Harkness - Crew Supervisor

anothony.harkness [@] texaswildhogrelief.com

Craig Lawson - Crew Supervisor

craig.lawson [@] texaswildhogrelief.com

Preston Mccauley - Wildlife Manager / Field Foreman - North Central

preston.mccauley [@] texaswildhogrelief.com

Glynn Partin - Wildlife Manager / Field Foreman - West Central

glynn.partin [@] texaswildhogrelief.com

Marty Sparks - Wildlife Manager / Field Foreman Pan Handle Area

marty.sparks [@] texaswildhogrelief.com