Texas Wild Hog Relief

How we all Got Started!

About Us:

Texas Wild Hog Relief Enterprises was a dream that began several years ago. Brought to life by it’s creator, Ricky Fowler has spent numerous hours in the field observing and meeting/gathering information from not just local farmers and hunters but advisors from all over the United States who’ve dealt with feral hog issues. 2009 brought the dream to life with the beginning of our formal company! Licensed, insured and bonded we are prepared to take on the fight against these rapidly reproducing fiends. Let Texas Wild Hog Relief help you with your feral hog problems today.

Family owned and operated we have expanded the company to include not only ‘Grandpa and Nena’ but also the sons, daughters, and in-laws of the original founders. Our family strives to bring your family the relief we’ve offered locally in order to help with the massive feral hog problem(s) here in Texas. Having just begun, we will initially focus our efforts in our home state, but do not despair, we are branching out as quickly as we can and will soon be able to offer this need for the feral hog removal in all of the Continental States! It is statistical fact that of the United States 4 million feral hogs, 2 million of them reside with us here in Texas. Thats HALF of our nation’s problem right here! So here is where we begin: Texas

Among our employees we have over 100 years combined hunting experience. Deer, squirrel, hog, rabbit, coyote, raccoon – if it’s in the wild, our men have killed it! Most hunts offer quick gratitude but hunting down hog is just more intriguing. Trapping these smart as a whip creatures is more than a hobby for these men; it’s a way of life! Learning the different ways the packs move and putting in the time and effort to capture each group is a challenge. A challenge our men look forward to conquering! With each new hog capture or kill, another trophy hunt’s memories are fulfilled. Ask and you shall hear: If you love your job, you won’t ever dread coming into work! These men are born and bred hunters. This has given us a huge advantage over our competition. We don’t hire inexperienced help; we bring our expertise directly from within. Our knowledge of the land, the animals, which trap to lie where, and any other livestock on property will benefit any landowner, business owner or any other person dealing with feral hog issues. Our company stands ready 24/7 to rid you of the wild hogs which devastate your land, bring disease to your livestock and cause havoc on our streets.

We take pride in the removal of these costly nuisances. You will find that our Field Foremen and other Supervisors will show you the utmost respect from the beginning. We know and understand how you value your livestock or fields. We are the same. From keeping your livestock safe to protecting the trees or other crops on your property, we stand tall and proud behind our handshake.

Our promise to you: to focus on the removal of feral hogs and their damaging effects to your property. Offering written contracts of our exact work details, we will let you know up front what our plans are. From where we place our traps to when we are on your property, your opinion is heard, valued, and used. With Texas Wild Hog Relief, you will be able to rest easy knowing that you are an exclusive part of the process when you allow our professionals on your land.

Safety is our number one priority followed then by the capture of your feral hog population. With safety first you will find that our traps are easily distinguishable and well marked. The ability to check our traps throughout the day offers landowners the assurance that no other animal will succeed in being trapped by them. We want you as the property owner to know that we are not seeking to “gun hunt” on your land. The capture of these hogs is all we intend. The hogs are then taken to a disposal facility where they are killed. You will know when we are on your land by markings we will place when we are on your property. When we leave, you will know we are gone. Once we have successfully captured the hogs on your property, we will not leave behind equipment or trash of any sort. Should you find that another group of feral hogs returns to your fields, we look forward to you calling on us again! We want your experience with Texas Wild Hog Relief to be a pleasurable one. One you will recommend to your friends and family.

Our office is stocked with friendly, experienced office personnel ready to serve your needs. Give us a call, an email or browse our website for more information. We look forward to working with you soon!

Damage Caused By Hogs

Hogs Cause more damage to the land than many people think! Here are a few images to show just how bad a Wild Hogs can tear up your land!

Hog Damage

Hog Damage

Hog Damage